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Special tools for earthmoving, demolition and transporting

All products are manufactured according to customer specifications.

Ripper for Dozer
Suitable for breaking and loosening
of hard, rocky soils. Also for use in earthmoving for light to medium weight tear suitable tasks ...more.

Ripper teeth
Suitable for use
in quarrying or
Cleaning rakes
For easy clearing
of rooted areas.
Also for sorting
rock and soil
Demolition arms
For demolition work. Particularly suitable
for demolishing old
buildings. ...more.                  
Adapter plates
Connecting element for attaching tools
from other manufacturers
to the hydraulic
excavator. ...more.
Bucket suspensions
Connecting element
for all freely sus-
pended construction machine tools and conventional
grippers. ...more.
  Wood grabs
For transporting trunk wood and/or round timber. Suitable for loading and unloading
lorries or railway cars. ...more.
  Fork lifts
For lifting, moving and stacking goods of all kinds. ...more.
  Special construction
We gladly con-
struct a special tool to meet your needs. ...more.


new product

Single tooth and three tooth ripper for dozer.

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Product Overview

Tools - harmonized to special working conditions.

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